Solving problems
you didn't know were hurting your business

"I cannot believe we used to do this, now we’re making more than we were doing before!" - 6+ figures agency owner

"There is a better way to do everything." - Hugo (founder of Enrich³)

Improve your business, and your life, with an optimized business back-end

Time is finite. It is the one thing you can't get more of, you have to make it count. Wasting time, effort, and budget on inefficient processes that generate no result for your business can be extremely damaging in the long run.

Now, with the right business backend you don't have to be "ON" all the time. You could focus only on what they love, while continuing to scale without any worries.

We strive in creating solutions, systems and automation that helps you move to the next level with your current resources. 

Solving problems is in our DNA. We will never leave a problem unresolved behind. 

We are a small company, 100% bootstrapped and specialized in optimizing businesses, and business owners' life, by offering custom-made solutions, from consulting calls, to process creation (SOP), to automations that connects different tools, to spreadsheets and software products (SaaS).

Want us to help you maximize your business resources?

Be prepared to invest in our premium service.

No matter what you do, it always starts with understanding. 

Companies We've Helped

24 hours a day is NEVER enough

Each month you feel stressed about not being to quickly find solutions for what ever happens in your business.

You don't have dialed in systems or any structure in place to streamline your flows and process to handle efficiently clients without being hands on.

You're not confident that your business can operate without needing you to be "ON" all the time.

You are too much in the weeds, doing all the mundane and repetitive tasks rather than moving the needle forward, and therefore, you're not where you want to be.

 Let us be your business gardener.

Building on a solid foundation is crucial

We helped companies to increase their revenue by 260% in 6 months while reducing the # of hours the entrepreneurs are working IN the business. 

By setting up all the systems and automating most things, we help business owners gain back up to 46 hours of their week. Now they can focus only what he loves to do and nothing else... while continuing to grow and scale at a breakneck speed.

Everything in your business has a way to streamline it better, by either using a specific tool, by connecting different softwares together, by automating it or simply by optimizing it to make it more efficient. Even if it seems impossible, we will always find a solution, because finding better ways to solve challenging problems is right up our alley.

If there’s anything repetitive you do, if you want to expand their service offering or create a new product, if you have problems with connecting data between softwares and platforms or want to track metrics, and if there’s a tech tool, system or data issue, we take care of all of that.

In a nutshell, we're the happy mix between a CTO, a CMO, a COO, and a software encyclopedia.

"Within 6 months, we doubled our revenue from $25k/month to $50k/month, and we went from 2 to 6 full time employees within that same time period."

Horizon B2B

"Hugo helped me go from 65 hours doing ‘in the business tasks’ to 19 hours a week doing what I wanted to do. I now have 46 extra hours each week to do the things I love."

Linkedin Coach

"In one consultation, Hugo looked at my business and saw a ton of ways to improve it. I cannot believe I used to do this, I was on autopilot, now we’re making more than we were doing before!"

Business Owner

"Hugo is a immense help with his technical expertise and knowledge of software products. He saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars by recommending us a software with a lifetime deal that was similar to the one we were looking at using which we’d have to pay monthly for."

SaaS Founder

Want us to help you maximize your business resources?

Be prepared to invest in our premium service.

No matter what you do, it always starts with understanding.